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Rhonda, you simply amaze me (& others too I am quite sure).
You are not only so courageous, you are in inspiration to so many. Why? Because you care. Let's face it, how many women or indeed men for that matter, would take the time and effort to put all this together for the purpose of educating others as I see it? All this while you are dealing with doctors and hospital visits along with the pain, the drugs, there side effects etc. etc. If all this info that you can connect to in this blog has a positive impact with just one woman, then it makes it all worth it. The secret is there is no secret! We all know it's about early detection and I am sure that just from your sharing your story will have all kinds of women self-examining more frequently than they would have, then it is all worth it!
ps. can you drink wine when still on chemo?
pps. I was thinking of offering a personal breast examination service. what do you think?

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